Domains is able to register the domain of your choice, or if you already have a domain, then we can assist in transferring it to your plan. Our prices are fully inclusive and cover 2 years' registration fees. The domain is owned by you, and we will never charge as some hosts do if, for example, you wanted to transfer your domain elsewhere. (Beware the "bargain" prices some UK companies are charging - support is often non-existent, and you may be charged a premium to transfer or host the domain elsewhere)

Prices for new domains are as follows - you can order securely online now  &  - 15 for 2 years
.com & .org & .net - £25 for 2 years

If you know the name you want to order, check if it's available below, or if you already own a domain and want to transfer it to one of our hosting plans, proceed to the order page

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